Sunset, take 2 | South Africa

The sky finally looked as though it was setting itself up for yet another great sunset so Travis and I headed to the beach again to take it in. The first one had been so great, I was looking forward to another magical sunset.

For some reason we showed up a little too early, so we stood on the beach watching surfers while waiting for the sun to start setting and the colours to appear. This evening was very, very windy though and the wind was coming straight from the Arctic. If I had thought last time that the wind was cold, I was terribly wrong. Tonight was downright frigid, down to the core cold. After a while, the cold wind felt as though it was burning the inside of my ears – and I had my hoodie up. It was intense! I just couldn’t wait anymore and so we decided to leave.

up high

surfer coming in

bluberg sunset

We went into the corner store close to the beach to grab a few groceries before heading home – by the time we came out a few minutes later the sky was completely red, pink, purple. We had missed it, and from what we could see in between buildings it might have rivaled the other night’s sunset. By that point though, we wouldn’t have made it back in time and it was still too windy. Instead we just walked home, turning around often to check the sky.

Clearly, amazing sunsets are not a rare occurrence in Cape Town.


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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