Smokey | South Africa

Our guesthouse has a cat named Smokey. The first time I saw him, I just couldn’t believe my eyes: it’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen. Yes, he’s a bit fat, but he’s mostly just very, very large, as though he belongs to a breed of cat I’ve never seen before. After seeing so many emaciated cats in Asia and Africa, this was quite the difference.

Smokey is quite the independent cat but he can be quite friendly too. He loves to get pet when he finds me working outside in the sun, and whenever I stop petting him he gently touches me with his paw. He’ll even stand on his legs to tap me on the shoulder. Yes, he really is that big (and clever).

Today the sun was back out so we headed outside to soak in some rays and warm up (heat update: we now have a portable heater, and things are much better!). Smokey was there, and decided to lie on the table with us and our laptops. What a cutie!

hard at work


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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One Response to Smokey | South Africa

  1. Tyler says:

    You look so peaceful in the first picture Magalie! We really enjoyed all the photos in your big update 🙂


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