Roadtrip around Cape Town | South Africa

When one of our friend living in Vancouver heard that we were going to South Africa, his home country, he put us in touch with his sister and brother living in Cape Town. Luck would have it that they were living within 5 minute drive from us, and we were blessed that they were very willing to share Cape Town’s beauty with us.

Bryony and Matt were fantastic from the start, giving us tips as to where to eat and what to see in the city. They also offered to show us around town, and so we set a date and the day arrived. It was a good thing, because we had been so busy working and relaxing that we hadn’t done any sightseeing past a few blocks around “home”.

Luck had it that today was a lovely, warm, sunny day. A perfect day to drive around town! They picked us up in their car and off we went to the city, which we drove through for the first time. We didn’t stop, but from what we saw it looked lovely – and infinitely better than Johannesburg. Getting out of the city’s downtown core we drove on curvy roads hugging the rugged ocean, blue and wavy, filled with giant kelp. It reminded us both of home (the West Coast) and Hawaii.

Our first stop was at Llandudno beach, just one of many such beach along the coast. Now this is my type of suburb!

be shark smart
llandudno beach

We jumped back into the car and drove towards Hout Bay, Table Mountain National Park and the famous Chapman’s drive.

hout bay
hout bay

the sentinel
fynbos rehabilitation
black bird
down bellow
beach ahead
now that's a beach!

We stopped in Muizenburg (I think) for a seafood lunch. The view was to die for – right on the rugged ocean! The windows were even crusted with salty water. It’s hard to get any closer to that!


Lunch consumed, we headed to Boulder’s Beach to make Travis’ day. He loves penguins – he can’t help but giggle anytime he sees one. Boulder’s Beach is part of the Table Mountain National Park, and is one of the best places to see wild African Penguins. The conservation effort started with two breeding pairs in 1982, and today there are some 3’000 penguins around. Another fun fact: the granite boulders on the beaches are 540 million years old!

boulders beach

moulting season
cormorants on noah's ark

penguin kisses

us & a penguin
penguins vs. humans

looking glass

It was really awesome to get to stand so close to wild penguins, and I have to admit that we had our fare share of giggles. We learned the penguins burrow their nests in Africa, and that they really, really stink. But you can’t help but love these cute, faithful, adorable awkward creatures when you watch them wobble on land!

Here is Bryony and Matt, who showed us around all day!

bryony & matt
us four

After the penguins it was time to head on back, but instead of going home we were lucky enough to be invited at their home for a brai (BBQ) and some rugby watching. Talk about hospitality!

Thank you so much Bryony and Matt, we had an incredible time and couldn’t have seen all that we did without your help! It was a blast getting to know you!


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One Response to Roadtrip around Cape Town | South Africa

  1. While Magalie was busy taking photos in Hout Bay, Bryony and i saw a southern wright whale, at first I thought it was just some kelp until it rolled over and I spotted a fluke. Fun!
    and also PENGUINS!


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