The most amazing sunset | South Africa

When we first rented our cottage in Cape Town, we had no idea just how well we would be located. While we knew we would be outside of town, we had no idea that we’d be beside good restaurants, a really solid mall, great grocery stores and to top it all off, the Cape Town “post card” beach. Indeed, Bluberg’s beach is where everyone comes for *the* shot of the sea with Table Mountain and the city, all in one perfect frame.

With the day having been a nice one but with a few clouds in the sky, we decided that it would make for a nice sunset. We checked online for the sun’s setting time and headed out just a bit early.

We arrived to the beach within a few minutes and climbed down the sand dunes to the long, white-sanded beach. There were surfers and kite surfers in the water in full body suits, and a big ship wreck perfectly positioned in the water (apparently shipwrecks are common there). The wind was blowing and cold – right off the Arctic. We had never been so close to it before!

I have to admit that I felt uncomfortable taking my camera out on the beach. South Africa isn’t really safe, and tourists getting robbed isn’t anything new. Eventually though I realized that I had nothing to worry about, but I still put it away every time I was done taking pictures. In the end, it was just a ridiculous precaution because the sunset was so amazing I couldn’t put my camera down. Indeed, the clouds were so colourful and constantly changing that this evening’s sunset turned out to be the best sunset I’ve ever seen. It was incredible!

Enjoy the pictures and the video – it as even better in person!

table mountain
the postcard spot



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