Into Cape Town | South Africa

This morning we got up early to catch our flight from Johannesburg into Cape Town, our chosen city in which to slow down for a couple of weeks. Tired from so much fast traveling and constant moving, we decided to rent a self-sufficient cottage near the beach just outside of Cape Town.

The airport was lovely, the flight was easy and the taxi ride to Table View / Bluberg where our cottage is located went great for the most part.

hello cape town!

Our cottage was not available right away (we had known this before hand, thankfully), so instead we got a suite for a few days until the cottage would be freed up. we spent the day using WiFi and convincing ourselves that doing hardly anything is OK.

For dinner we headed towards the water, and were pleasantly surprised by how the area felt in comparison to Johannesburg. It felt a lot more relaxed, and safer – we were really happy with that! We ended up choosing to eat at a seafood restaurant. I hadn’t had seafood in so long that I ordered a crazy large plate of food with calamari, shrimps, mussels and fish. Is that crazy, or what? Don’t tell anyone, but I ate it all…

dinner feast!

Back in our room, we shared a bottle of wine and couldn’t help but laugh at the warning label on the bottle… only in Africa!

only in africa...


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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