A lazy day | South Africa

We woke up late today and my head was killing me: it really seems that no matter how much water you drink, it just isn’t enough. Having missed the hostel’s free breakfast, we decided to walk to “the windmill” restaurant we had been told about for breakfast.

It was a great idea: breakfast was fantastic! Proper eggs with grilled tomato, mushrooms, bacon (BACON!!! – after Muslims countries this was heaven!). Clearly South Africans love their breakfast (note from the future: they take breakfast very seriously).


Travis’ coffee had been served with a sort of gingersnap cookie which was delicious. After breakfast, we visited the bakery on site and purchased a whole pack of them as a treat.

Walking back to the hostel, we saw plum trees in bloom. It felt weird to have gone from hot summer (North Africa) to spring again! I didn’t feel comfortable though taking my camera out to take pictures. I did see a great example of the overzealous security measures around people’s homes, and I couldn’t resist taking the following picture:

hard to get

I felt bad for the postman who has to deliver mail to this home through the electric fence.

At the hostel we went into work mode. We had to get to Cape Town – we just didn’t know how yet. Originally we had planned on taking the train, but tickets cannot be purchased online and we couldn’t find out if there were any availabilities. Considering that it’s a 27 hour ++ ride and that some locals told us that it was dangerous, we decided to investigate flying instead. We found reasonable tickets (just a little bit more than the train) and so we booked those for tomorrow. A two hours flight would be much nicer!

Eventually the evening arrived. The big screen was down, as the Springboks (South Africa’s rugby team) were playing. It seemed to be a big deal, as everyone was excited. Bob’s son organized a brai (BBQ), and so we ate assorted meats and boerewors while warming ourselves by the fire. It was an excellent evening!

brai dinner


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