Hair update: 5 months | Morocco

5 months of hair

Notice anything special about my hair? It’s finally long enough to lie flat on the sides of my head! I am *so* excited that my hair is no longer growing outwards. Yay for somewhat normal looking hair!


In other hair news, I had my first haircut earlier this month. We were in Casablanca and I wanted to trim the hair at the base of my neck in order to avoid looking as though I was growing a mullet. We walked the streets of the walled city and I randomly picked a hair salon. Hair dressers are segregated by gender in Morocco – this makes sense since a woman has to unveil herself in order to get a haircut. To enter the tiny, hole-in-the-wall salon I had to go past a giant curtain and Travis had to wait outside on the street.

I explained to the lady what I wanted in French, and she snipped away. I think that she had no idea how to cut my hair because mine was so short and man-like, and she normally only dealt with womanly, long hair. Needless to say that the haircut was terrible. It was crooked and to top it off she cut off random bits of hair near the middle back of my head. And she charged me way too much for it.

There are no photos of this disastrous and depressing haircut, and I am quite happy about that. I should have taken a picture of the salon though, because that would have been worth it!


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2 Responses to Hair update: 5 months | Morocco

  1. jillacox says:

    My friend is growing her hair back after cancer and she’s definitely looking forward to the day that it stops sticking straight out!


  2. Magalie says:

    It’s so weird how it takes so long to happen! Somehow though it doesn’t seem to happen to most people who always have short hair – I was always envious of their hair!


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