Felucca on the Nile | Egypt

One of the item on my 101 things-to-do list was to sail on the Nile. Lucky for us, Cairo is an easy place to catch a short ride on a felucca, the local name for the sailboats.

After meeting up with Vanessa, Ahmed and her family at their hotel for snack and Champagne (duty-free leftover!), we jumped in a taxi and headed to a felucca dock. Business seemed quiet, and we had no problem finding a boat to take us on a short 30-minute ride on the Nile. The experience was really nice, and it made for a fun way to see the city. I definitively would like to take a longer ride down the Nile if we ever come back to Egypt!

Back on dry land we headed to Abu El-Sid for one final dinner together, as the next day would see us flying from Cairo to Casablanca, Morocco. Over lovely, tasty food and freshly-squeezed spiked drinks we shared more stories and laugh.

We were sad to say goodbye to everyone – it had been so lovely to see friends I hadn’t seen in years, to meet new people and to speak French once again. With Vanessa’s planning and organizing, our time in Egypt ended-up feeling more like a vacation than anything else. It was lovely to just tag along, and to not have to plan or think. And we were also treated to fantastic hotel rooms and amazing food, so thank you so much everyone. We really had an incredible time!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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