Gone diving | Egypt

One of the things that we really wanted to do while in Egypt was dive the Red Sea, and we were lucky enough to be able to make it happen. We dove two sites: the Canyon and the Blue Hole. Both had fantastic visibility and coral life. The fish life was right up there, but we didn’t see anything new or exciting. It was really more about being somewhere amazing more than anything else.

I took pictures on my iPod in between the dives and Vanessa’s cousin, Patrick, took some underwater photos. Enjoy our diving day experience!


The day started at the Canyon dive site.

canyon dive

We then headed to the Blue Hole area for our surface interval. It’s a really popular place with tourists, with restaurants, camels and souvenir vendors everywhere. The site can be quite dangerous for divers, as it is “bottomless” (no one knows how deep the hole is) and some people have been known to have gone too far in or have been caught in caves. There is a memorial wall for all of those who lost their lives diving the Hole – it’s on the way to the entrance spot for the dive, which makes for quite an eerie feel.

The dive itself was really fun – not seeing the bottom ever made it feel like we were flying along the reef wall. On the way out, we got to do our decompression stop while watching free divers: it was intense!

the blue hole
the blue hole
restaurants at the blue hole
camels at the blue hole
in-between dives
easy entry
the wall outside the blue hole

More photos, this time of the drive back into town.

camels on the road
the desert
leaving the blue hole


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  1. Added bonus fact.. One of the dive team members helped himself to a fat tip from our wallets while we were under. We are great tippers


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