Bawaki Resort | Egypt

In Sinai we stayed just outside of Nuwebia in a little resort called Bawaki. Right on the Red Sea, it was simple but perfect. It is much warmer in the Sinai than in Alexandria, and there was little wind, but we were still lucky enough to not have temperatures as high as they usually are. We enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear flat pool that is the Red Sea, doing a little snorkeling and hanging out under their ingenious sun shades. The food was really good, and at night we got the staff to put together feasts for all of us. It was loads of fun! We even had a bidding war as to how far we were across the sea from Saudi Arabia – it’s the mountains you can see across the water in the pictures bellow.

view from our chairs

boat ride
looking towards soudi arabia

the resort

roadside camels
moon over soudi arabia

Patrick, Vanessa’s cousin had an underwater camera, so here are some shots taken with that. Merci Pat pour les photos!


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One Response to Bawaki Resort | Egypt

  1. Marie says:

    amazing pics!!!


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