Day 300 | Albania

Traveling so much so fast meant that we were bound to get tired – and we did indeed get tired. A while back we had decided that we would stop for a week somewhere, and at the time we had decided to do so by the beach somewhere in Albania. For some reason it stuck and our plans did not change, and so we headed to Saranda (sometimes spelled Sarande) for a well-deserved week off.

Having arrived well past midnight into town, we had no idea what Saranda looked like, aside that from our room’s balcony I could see and hear the ocean. I fell asleep looking at the stars and woke up looking at the beautiful blue sea: clearly we had made a good decision.

balcony view

The first order of the day was to make breakfast, and with our hostel’s all-you-can-eat (read: all-you-can-make) pancake deal (crepes, really), it made for a great start of a day.


After breakfast we headed to the market to get fresh produce and inspiration for tonight’s meal. Not being able to locate a butcher right off the bat, we opted for some grilled chicken with fresh market vegetables. We were in luck when we found squash blossoms attached to delicate young zucchinis. We also grabbed a few other goodies, like plimp figs and juicy white nectarines.


Back at the hostel I put in a few hours of work (read: editing photos) before watching the sun go down over a glass of homemade red wine and a game of Backgammon.

the town

Then, it was time for dinner!

300th dinner

Our 300th day was a great one, with plenty of relaxing and great views. It was lovely to be able to cook for ourselves as well, so we could eat what we wanted: it’s really a ice treat for us.


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