Exploring Kotor | Montenegro

The Bay of Kotor, which is really a fjord, is ridiculously beautiful. The city of Kotor, which is quite an old walled city, is Unesco protected. After having hung out in tiny Tivat for two days, we were ready to hop on a bus and go explore Kotor.

I took a few pictures of the scenery on our way there from the bus’ window, but it still felt like it was all rushing by too quickly. We decided to get off the bus a little early to get a good view of the city from the water, and the see the wall in all of its glory. It really is an amazing place, and it does make you wonder just what made them think that they needed that crazy wall in the first place.

kotor from the water
crazy walls

outside the old town

We entered the walls of the old city and found a cute, cobblestone tiny city. We decided to just walk around aimlessly, until we felt that we had seen enough. The city really isn’t that big, so it didn’t take all that much time. We were lucky that there wasn’t a cruise ship full of tourists in there at the same time as us.

st luke

st nicholas

the skurda river

over the years
green door
green door

After lunch we decided to head back to Tivat, and to the beach. I took more photos on the bus ride – I can’t help myself! Montenegro is just too pretty.

church islands

Our hostel is a short walk out of town, and the best thing about it is this giant fig tree that’s on our way. It seems that the house owner’s aren’t around, and the tree is filled with ripe fruits. Every time that we walk by we grab a handful of figs, and each one seems sweeter than the previous one. I love figs! Especially free figs 🙂

local bounty

We were able to use the hostel’s kitchen to make dinner tonight, and so we made some truffle ravioli with a creamy tomato sauce. I love my life!



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One Response to Exploring Kotor | Montenegro

  1. jill says:

    This is another place on my list to see! That cat photo is just too cute. Love it.


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