Final day in Belgrade | Serbia

Our last day in Serbia was a pretty lazy one. We got up late, and after a lunch of some ridiculously large burgers we made our way to the Fresco Gallery. The gallery in fact hosts reproduction work of the best frescoes and artwork in Serbian churches, in impeccable details. Indeed, the pieces are exact down to every crack and missing paint chunks. The gallery was a little disappointing: it is very, very small. On the upside, it is free, so you can’t really complain!

inside the fresco gallery

After the gallery we attempted to do the walking tour that was in the guide book. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really figure it out and “got lost” after the first church. Perhaps we got distracted from the reception we had at our only stop: Travis and Dave went in (I did not) – Travis was wearing shorts. The lady in charge of the church promptly expelled him of the church for being indecent, and after Travis pointed out a local girl in a skimpy summer dress, the lady only had these kind words for us: get a-ooout! It was hilarious.

Now sans walking tour, I came to the rescue. I decided to lead my own walking tour of Belgrade, and I have to say that by far my tour was superior. It included the bombed-out site of the former public library, some buildings needing TLC, great graffiti, a few memorial sites and other things of similar quality. Who said that you have to know a city (or even know what is around the corner) to be a tour guide?

wireless love

over there

We eventually made it back to our hostel with grocery on hand, ready to pass the evening chatting, eating and watching movies. Tonight was to be a short night, for we had to be up at the crack of dawn to catch our mini bus to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia.


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