Meeting up with a friend | Serbia

Before leaving on our honeymoon, we encouraged friends a family to come and meet us on the road. We each had our moms meet us, but no friends yet – until today. Dave is our first friend to come and meet up with us, and we’ll be traveling together for 11 days through Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia before he flies back to the UK.

We went to meet Dave at the airport, and headed back to our awesome hostel in Belgrade. There we were met with shots of raki, a local alcohol that isn’t very tasty but very effective.

tram #2
in the tram
welcome to belgrade

We made dinner and shared stories as the sun went down over the city. In the books for tomorrow: exploring the capital city!

hostel view
sausage, leeks and risotto


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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One Response to Meeting up with a friend | Serbia

  1. Brendon James says:

    Serbia Looks Great Guys!!!!
    Would you guys be able to email your departure and arrival information in South Africa, and I will spread the word to family and friends.

    Keep on Trucking


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