Novi Sad Days | Serbia

Here is a breakdown of how our two days days in Novi Sad went.

Step one: A simple breakfast.

good morning

Step two: The fresh produce market. Our hostel wasn’t the best equipped or the cleanest, but we couldn’t resist making our own food. The first task of our day was to hit the market. The vendors were very friendly, and we even had a lady try to give us the fresh cheese we were attempting to purchase from her.

at the market

market finds

Step three: Walk around town and explore! We mostly stayed in the old town / pedestrian zone, which was lovely. Unfortunately for Novi Sad, the old town felt very similar to those we had seen in Romania and so we were not as excited by it as we could have been. Only visiting Serbia though, Novi Sad would surely impress.

from our window

power walk
puppets on a string
main square
street art

Novi sad was also where we had our first experience with the Serbian Orthodox Church. Most notable difference: the floor of the church gets covered in grass and weeds cutting, which churchgoers gather and transform into small wreath to take home. It was a little weird to visit churches that smelled like a hay pile, but I liked the idea of taking a little piece of church home. (Sorry, no photos allowed.)

Step four: Retire to our room and relax before cooking dinner.


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