From Nis to Novi Sad | Serbia

Today we left Serbia’s 3rd largest city and headed for the 2nd largest, and apparently, Serbia’s coolest. A city by the Danube River (our second sighting of the historical river), it is renowned for its music festival and imposing citadel.

We left Nis early and hopped on a bus, which cost twice as much as expected. It was also the first time we were asked to pay for putting luggage in the undercarriage of a bus and even for entering the bus station – one would thing that such things would be included in the price of the ticket!

The bus took forever to get to Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city: in fact the ride nearly took twice as long as quoted in the guidebook, although we couldn’t come up with any reason as to why it took longer than expected. The scenery was especially boring, so much that I only bothered taking a few pictures as we neared the capital to ensure that I’d meet my “one photo a day” goal.

on the bus

After our unpleasant bus experience, once in Belgrade we decided to take a train to Novi Sad instead. This turned out to be yet another bad idea: we had to wait hours for the train, which was incredibly overcrowded and certainly no faster than a bus. It was just not a good day for getting around!

platform #1

Once in Novi Sad though getting to our hostel was easy and straight forward. We took a local bus to the old city, called the pedestrian zone and after a few cobbled streets we were there, luckily the only ones in our 6-bed shared room.

Being tired from a long day on the road, we ate dinner quickly and went to bed. The exploration of Novi Sad would have to wait until tomorrow!


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2 Responses to From Nis to Novi Sad | Serbia

  1. lia says:

    could you tell me if there were direct trains or buses from nis to novi sad?


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