Nis: the cheerful | Serbia

We visited two upbeat sights today: the market and the fortress.

We started our day at the market, which is actually quite large. They sell everything there, from clothing to gardening tools. The food section was especially notable, with fresh produces piled high everywhere. It really made us sad to not have (a clean, usable) kitchen in our hostel.


The outside of the market is lined with more stores and bakeries: we stopped at one of them to grab a traditional Serbian breakfast, the burek. A popular snack throughout Eastern Europe, it takes on different forms but the basics are the same: meat, veggies or cheese stuffed inside a greasy puff pastry.

Later we visited the vast gardens of the fortress, a reminder of the Ottoman occupation of Serbia. Built by the Turks in the 18th century, it also hold Roman and Byzantine artifacts. We made our way to the viewpoint above the main gate to catch a glance of Nis and the Nišava River.

bali-bey remains

view from the wall

We finished the day over a ridiculously large plate of Serbian grilled meat at a great little restaurant in the old Turkish quarters. Yum!

a whole lot of meat


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