Gone shopping | Bulgaria

Traveling can be hard on clothing, especially when you are gone for as long as we are. Having a limited “closet” means wearing the same clothes over and over again, and they sure take a beating. For a while now I’ve had a few articles of clothing that needed replacing. The first step was underwear and bikini (thank you mom!), but replacing the bigger items was more of a challenge.

What really got to absolutely needing replacing were my two pairs of pants (one lightweight, one jeans) and my white tank top. Piece of advice to everyone out there: nothing white stays white while on the road. My white tank top went from white to tie-dyed, back to white, then to blue and now is a permanent shade of dirty gray. Not good.

So, I decided when we arrived in Sofia that this was where I’d get my shopping done. This is a big city, so I assumed that there would be major chains, bit stores, a mall. Really I was hoping for something like they have in Thailand, Singapore or Malaysia, but no. It seems that the place to shop in downtown Sofia is along the pedestrian street.

There were quite a few stores along the street, and some major chains, but it was no shopping mecca. Still, I found replacements for my pants. The thank top though will have to wait another day.

This might seem weird, but I feel sad parting with my falling-apart pants. After all, they had served me well. My jeans were still pretty decent, but they were one wash away from splitting across my left leg. You know how it is though, a well-worn pair of jeans… it’s like a second skin, and I can’t bare to throw them out. I never like throwing out jeans…

us three

And my light pants… they were great pants. They were stretchy and comfy and you could roll the legs and tie them up. They are covered in stains, the pockets are un-stitching, they have holes in them. The person who washed them in India left them covered in weird white markings that won’t go away. They look embarrassing… but still I’m sad to part with them. I’ve had these pants since 2005, believe it or not! These pants went on my first World Tour adventures, and a quick calculation reveals that they’ve been to about 28 countries. These pants and I have seen a lot, lived a lot… but now it’s time to move on.

having lunch at the top

Here are the replacements. The jeans will need to be broken in, and the light pants are much dressier than their predecessor. But this is good. I will finally look somewhat decent again, a little bit more fashionable, a little bit more respectable. And who knows what adventures awaits for these pants!

gone shopping
the buys

PS. I dragged Travis on my shopping trip, poor guy! He was bored and took these photos while waiting for me…

red pants
in some store
shopping is boring


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