Where to next | Update

We are currently in Pamukkale, Turkey and we had to decide where we’d go next. Turkey is more expensive than we can really afford with our daily budget – transport and admission prices are so steep that we are blowing our budget before paying for any room or food. So, our options are as followed: stay put or get out. We are choosing to get out and see the world instead! We have about 1.5 months to travel before merting up with friends in Egypt.

Getting around in Turkey can be complicated, so getting out won’t be easy. But Turkey is well located to give us plenty of options. We considered:

* Taking a ferry to Greece, then island-hopping to Albania to continue sightseeing Eastern Europe towards Slovenia / Italy.
* Taking a ferry to Cyprus, then later a boat to Egypt. Sight-see Egypt & Jordan before meeting with friends, and hopefully avoid dying of heat.
* Take a combo of buses to get back into Bulgaria, then continue sightseeing Eastern Europe towards Slovenia / Italy.

After a little bit of research we determined that we couldn’t afford option #1. We eliminated option #2 based on the fact that we didn’t really care to see Cyprus and it eliminated a lot of sightseeing. So, we are going with option #3. It will include a night bus (which we hate) followed by a day bus, but in the end it will be the most affordable way to get out of Turkey and back into a more comfortable traveling mode.

It’s really too bad that Turkey is too expensive for us: it is really beautiful and overflowing with stunning sights to see. I was looking forward to boat rides, beautiful beaches, diving sunken ruins but that will be for another time.


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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