Off to Plovdiv | Bulgaria

We were trying to figure out how to get from Nesebar to Istanbul, Turkey in a few days time to meet my mom and couldn’t come up with anything good. The only option seemed to be somewhat random buses departing in the middle of the night, and we hate night buses. The best transport options for Turkey depart from inland Bulgaria, so we decided to trade-in our seaside village for the big city of Plovdiv.

First we took a bus to Burgas, and after we another bus to Plovdiv. We had quite some time to wait in between the two though, and so I took some photos of the train station before we ate lunch. I love when train stations and bus stations are close by: it’s so convenient! I especially love though how all bus stations in Bulgaria have WiFi 🙂

typical eastern europe train art

The bus ride was through some seriously stunning countryside, with endless fields of rapeseed. I love all that bright yellow!

never ending

Once into Plovdiv we walked to the historic center and found our best bargain hostel yet: for 10 Euros, our dorm bed includes breakfast, dinner and a beer. Score!

Plovdiv itself is an interesting mix of history and culture: Soviet concrete buildings stand beside old, ornate ones. Old columns from Roman and Thracian ruins just lie about the place and are used as benches for lack of better knowledge of what to do with them. Mosques are thrown-in between Orthodox Churches just to spice things up. We didn’t walk around much though, as we were tired. We checked out the main square, which was being used as a fair, and hung out by the fountain eating popcorn and feeding pigeons. We intend on checking out the city fully in the next couple of days.

out of place


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