Nesebar | Bulgaria

We wanted to spend some time soaking in the sun by the Black Sea, but we were not sure as to where to go. Sunny Beach is the main spot where everyone heads, but we didn’t feel like sharing the beach with tons of people. Instead, we decided to go to Nesebar, a small UNESCO village on a peninsula full of history.

To get to Nesebar we had to go through Sunny Beach (the two are very close), and it made us glad of our decision. It was full of timeshare condos and amusement park / themed motels – it sort of felt like some of the tacky towns that line some of the East coast of the United States. Nesebar was much quieter by comparison, possibly because it was the low season.

Usually Nesebar isn’t a quiet destination, except at night. Indeed, cruise ship full of people descend upon the town for daily sightseeing, and parts of the town are certainly geared at day tourists. Expensive and uninspired restaurants, postcards with naked women, souvenir spices… you get the idea. All of this stands in sharp contrast with the old Byzantine and Thracian ruins and the unique local architecture. Thankfully, we had the place pretty much to ourselves the entire time.

looking to sunny beach resort

traditional architecture

our first step into the black sea

thracian ruins

cow bells

cheerful spices

basilica remains

funeral notices

stormy sunset

Even though Nesebar is very quaint, encircled by the sea and full of history, it didn’t really click with us. It just wasn’t our sorts of place, but regardless we decided to stay and use the extra time to catch our breath. We’ve really been traveling quickly as of late, blazing through Eastern Europe as if on some kind of race, and we really need to slow down.


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