Park, sea and church | Bulgaria

Varna’s historic center isn’t all that big, so it makes for easy sightseeing for tourists. Our main goal was to just aimlessly walk around and see where we’d end up, all while trying to spend as little money as possible.

First up was Primorski park, which is a very large park that follows the coast of the Black Sea. It has manicured gardens, statues, lots of green areas and a few museums too. I’m sure that it would be quite beautiful in summer, once everything is green! There were a lot of flowers around and a few fuzzy squirrels too.

fuzzy ears

making a wish

There is a motorcycle “museum” in the park – it is mostly just motorcycles lined up in a row, sort of like an art installation. There were some pretty cool ones in there though.

motorcycle museum

Eventually we walked down the hill towards the Black Sea. Although we had been in the area for a while, we hadn’t seen the sea yet. We were eager to get there and check it out. The Black Sea is less saline than the seas we are used to and very flat: it mostly looks like a giant lake (which it sort of is). There were a few hot springs by the shore, and these baths are highly frequented by men. Ladies, forget about getting a dip!

going for a swim
at the thermal baths


We finished our sightseeing pretty early but we still felt like seeing more. We decided to pay and visit the aquarium: it was not the best decision. The aquarium in Varna is the worst I’ve ever visited, filled with odd displays and rotting stuffed fish and seals.


On our walk back into the center of town we past the military museum and checked out the displays in the yard. We then made our ways to the Roman Bath ruins. These are right in the middle of condos, so it makes for a strange contrast between old and new.

old & new
roman bath ruins

After a lunch of terrible Mexican food (what was I even thinking?), we decided to check out the Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral. It was very beautiful inside, as most churches have been in the region.

inside the cathedral

roof detail

And that concludes a full day of sightseeing!


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