Sibiu moments | Romania

Since our hostel had a kitchen and an oven (an oven!), we wanted to roast something for tonight’s dinner. We learned that the city had a great outdoors market and so we decided to get all of our groceries there. The market was actually fantastic, brimming with fresh veggies, herbs and flowers. Everyone working the stalls were happy to have us buying produce from them, and some of the ladies even let me take their portraits. We had a great time!

typical street in the lower town
colourful locals

ladies we purchased food from - 1
spring time


ladies we purchased food from - 2

Dinner tonight was a roasted chicken with spring potatoes, wilted spinach and a spring salad. It was delicious!

spring salad
roasted chicken and veggies


The old city of Sibiu used to be walled, and some of the walls are still standing. We decided to check the walls out, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as we had anticipated. It still made for a lovely walk though!

part of the old city wall
typical street in the old town


One of my favourite snack of Romania is the pretzel. It’s cheap, and they are everywhere. The basic, sesame seed ones taste just like a Montreal bagel – it brings great memories of home! They also come in all sorts of flavours, including sweet versions like this one. Yum!



The main church in the old city is the Biserica Evanghelica – I posted some pictures of the outside and of the inside of the church in yesterday’s post. With the church being the tallest building around, one of the activities of Sibiu is to climb the bell tower of the church in order to get a bird’s eye view of the city. I was looking forward to getting some great pictures and so headed back to the church during the tower’s opening hours.

Unfortunately, I have a fear of heights. The staircase to get up the tower stood in the middle of the tower, and I could see way too much through the platforms and steps. I just couldn’t make it to the top, and had to turn around not even half-way up. Oh well!


This is the only Dracula anything we’ve found during our stay in Transylvania. I really believe that all of the vampire stories were just told to keep people out of Transylvania, so that the locals could keep the area to themselves. And who could blame them? The whole place is a constant “quaintness alert”. Rolling green hills, snowy mountains, a countryside with no fences, cobblestone streets, old towns, great food… It’s really one of the most beautiful places around.



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One Response to Sibiu moments | Romania

  1. Jill says:

    1. that salad looks AMAZING
    2. cheap pretzels everywhere sounds like a dream to me
    3. oh my goodness. i would not have made it up that staircase either!


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