Journeys completed

Back in November, Travis and I had the pleasure to meet 4 amazingly fantastic travelers while in Cambodia. Up to then, we hadn’t really hit it off with anyone on our travels. We had been finding that we were either too young or too old for almost everyone, and just couldn’t find people who shared our interests and travel style.

We met the first couple, Pete & Natasha, just outside of the Cambodian border. We were all in the same situation: stuck waiting for a cab that just couldn’t find extra people and unable to leave. We were heading for Phnom Penh, they were heading for Pattambang. Not knowing where that was, but desperate to *just go*, we decided to share a cab with them and go to the unknown. We hit it off with them right away, and ended up spending 5 days with them.

Pete & Natasha

Through them we met Tara & Tyler in Sihanoukville, an awe-inspiring cyclo-tourist couple. We ended up spending just one full day with them, but I really felt a connection.

Us (by Pete)

I was sad to leave all four of them behind when we left for Phnom Penh. Unlike our usual flexible travel plans, we had to get to Vietnam for the start of our visa and couldn’t stay longer. Both couples had blogs though, so I had been religiously following their travels since then. The four of them met up again and again throughout Vietnam and Laos, but we were always too ahead to catch up with them. I looked at their adventures and longed to be able to talk and laugh with them again – it’s a hard thing to meet fantastic people yet know that you may never see them again. Such is a traveler’s life…

Pete & Natasha’s journey ended in March, and I had one less blog to read. It had been amazing to follow their journey though, to see their talent grow as they wrote better blog posts and took better and better photos. They also seemed to have found their travel groove, which was great.

Pete & Natasha, I didn’t say this earlier, but I am so glad that unfortunate circumstances brought us together. I really hope that we can catch up again when we go back to the States for a visit!

Tara & Tyler’s cycling journey also ended in March, but their journey home only happened now. They are back in the States, and have just blogged about their last cycling day. Now that they are “home”, I can’t wait to find out where they will settle down, and how that will go. Their dreams of a home and land is so close to ours, it will be quite interesting to see what they learn on their new journey.

Pete, Natasha, Tyler, Tara – I am just so proud of you. You did something that most people would not have the guts to do, and you did it well. I feel fortunate that your path crossed ours, and I really hope that we will cross path again!

Still, I am feeling quite selfish about this. What am I going to read now that the journeys are done? Whose pictures am I going to look at to inspire myself and grow? I think it’s quite weird that I’m feeling deserted, or whatever the correct word is to describe the upcoming empty void in my Google Reader. Still, it was so worth it!

The “gang”, back in Cambodia.

*B&W photos were not taken by me – click on the image to view respective CC.


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3 Responses to Journeys completed

  1. Tara says:

    Maggie, thanks so much for this!


  2. Tara says:

    Maggie, thank you for this lovely tribute! How sweet of you to think of us, and how nice it was to finish up our journey and have this entry to read. Don’t worry, we’ll keep writing. It’s nice to know there are a few people out there who are interested in both travel and home.

    We are enjoying reading about your time in Eastern Europe–it’s whetting our appetites to go experience more of it. Serbia, Romania, and Russia were some of our favorite places, and we want to go back to visit Georgia, Albania, Montenegro, etc, etc.

    Enjoy it all for us, and keep rockin’ that beautiful head of short hair!


  3. Natasha says:

    Been internetless for two weeks and just saw this. Thanks so much Maggie!! We considered ourselves very lucky to meet you and Travis as well. So glad we went to Sihanoukville!! Only wish we could have had more time together. It would be great to see you you in the states and we are always up for a trip to Canada. Now off to catch up on your and journals:)


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