Spring in Lviv | Ukraine

Today was a marvelous spring day. The weather was warm and lovely, warmer than we’ve had yet in Europe. Before coming here I had forgotten all about spring, and I was really happy to be reminded of just wonderful a time of year it can be.

The city was busying itself, getting in the full spirit of the season. Everywhere there were people building lovely patios on the sidewalk, setting up planters overflowing with flowers and applying a fresh coat of paint to everything. Folks were seen lazying about, taking in the rays. I decided to join everyone in one of Eastern Europe’s favourite activity (after drinking and balloons): eating ice cream. It seemed like the perfect day for it.

inviting patio

outdoors gallery

Ice cream done, I headed to the Museum of Ethnography and Art Crafts. I was expecting a lot of artifacts, carved stones and knitted fabrics – as such, I went there by myself as Travis headed to the Weapon Museum instead.

As it turns out, the museum was a total flop and nothing like I was expecting. It started with an exhibit of posters from Paris, with a few Toulouse Lautrec in the mix. It was nice, but it was too eclectic. It was as though they just grabbed any poster from the era and called it a day. It also had nothing to do with Ukraine. I headed upstairs, ready to get a glimpse at Ukrainian culture. I was greeted with some Easter eggs, delicately hand-died. They were stunning, but mostly covered in paper stating (what I assume to be) the artists’ details.

It was then time for the main galleries. There were three in total, and two consisted of furniture and dishes while the other was all about clocks. Nothing was very old, and almost 90% was from European countries other than the Ukraine. To top things off, descriptions of the items were kept at the bare minimum. Needless to say, I learned nothing about the Ukraine and left sorely disappointed. I kept feeling like I had missed something, but sadly I don’t think that I did.

Looking for something else to check out in the city, I looked at one of the many tourists maps around town (a fantastic addition, I might add) and spotted the Invention Museum. It sounded like fun, so I walked over looking for a little redemption.

As it turns out, the Invention Museum is just an outdoors space where people exhibit installation pieces. It seemed quirky, but in-between installation. All that was there for me to look at was a bunch of ties thrown into tree branches. Another museum fail.

At this point, I had given up on museums for the day. Part of me wanted to check out the Fridge Magnet Museum (I’m not making this up) to round off the day of bad museums, but I decided to enjoy the lovely weather instead.


laundry in the spring sun

After walking about town some more, and met up with Travis for some beers on a patio. Interestingly, Travis’ museum quest didn’t fare better than mine. His museum was closed for renovations.


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