Lviv markets | Ukraine

Aside from the farmer’s market, we also ran into two other markets in the old town. We love markets, so we were really happy about them! They make for such great photos and these were so quaint.

The first market was sort of a flea market, with a mix of art, antiques, crafts and souvenir junk. It took up quite some space near the Opera House, and we enjoyed looking at everything. I tried “shooting from the hip” a bit – it’s fun to not know what you’ll get until you look at it later on the computer!

traditional crafts
ussr memories
paintings for sale
everything to keep you warm

The second market was the outdoors book market. This is held in a square between two churches, and is quite lovely even though there were no English books for sale. I especially loved the luggage filled with books, and Travis did find some vinyls he could approve of!

the used-book market
suitcase full of books
book vendor

happy finds


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