The first hostel-cooked meal | Ukraine

Our best find at the market today came from a Babushkas. She was the only one selling it, and she only had one: a rabbit. We love rabbit, so we couldn’t resist. It was also very cheap. The rabbit still had one furry leg on, and we figured that it was for good luck. Later, we learned that it was actually meant to prove that what animal we were buying – apparently some ladies had tried to sell dog as other types of meat before.

Rabbit purchased, we decided that tonight’s dinner would be braised rabbit with mushroom, potatoes, sunchokes and carrots. Yum!

Back at the hostel we settled in the kitchen and got ready to cook. But before, let me introduce you to our hostel. I don’t normally do this, as you know, but this place is just too cool. It’s called the Kosmonaut Hostel [link], and it’s in an old apartment, up a crooked wooden staircase. The floor creaks, the ceiling are tall, and the rooms are filled with antiques and kitsch Soviet souvenirs. It really feels comfortable though, as if it was a home away from home. We were also lucky enough to have the 10-bed dorm room all to ourselves for almost three full day.


our room

cyrillic typewritter

And now, here’s dinner!

the kitchen
the dinning room
our wine for the evening
the base

travis being silly

Finally, after hours of braising, we were ready to eat. As it turned out though, the rabbit was gigantic. So much so that we thought that it might be a hare, and later, we started to call it the Chernobyl hare. It was a tasty mutant that in the end, gave enough meat for 8 filling meals.

ready to eat!


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