Donating my hair to God, part 3 | India

Tonsuring is the outward symbol of beginning life anew.

Having a shaved head has generated some weird looks, and different reactions. Some understand what I did right away and see it as “lucky”, other just see it as a weird Western custom (thinking that I was just trying to cool down). I was told that I looked beautiful; I was also told that it was “no good”. Either way, I let them think what they want: I do not explain why I did it.

With no hair on, the world feels a lot breezier. I get colder faster, and am able to appreciate how Travis can get cold so much faster than me. Sometimes I forget that the hair is gone, and get taken by surprise by my reflection or by the feel of it. Other than that though, I don’t really feel that I look different. I still feel as beautiful, and think that even if it does give me a manlier look, it’s sort of cute. I also feel strong and without shame: I don’t feel that I ever need to hide my baldness (except from the sun) and that I can hold my head up high.

I am proud that I followed my heart and went ahead with donating my hair to God. I am happy with my sacrifice. Happy with myself. Happy with my husband.

This was a good thing.


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One Response to Donating my hair to God, part 3 | India

  1. Ginger says:

    I am very happy with your husband too. I will never forget calling him after I did my fire walk. He was the first person I told, and his responce was, “COOL !!! That is AWESOME!!!” Other people said I was weird, or that it was weird, or nuts, all sorts of other if not down right negative then certainly not positive responces. But Travis understood that it was a deeply spiritual thing and that I did it for my own spiritual reasons. He was total acceptance. He got and shared my joy and exuberance and the emotional high that I was on for a long time after. He understood that something like that was transformational and that I would never see myself or feel about myself in the same way as before my walk. That is what I am hearing that he is doing for you now. And I think that is COOL!!!! He must have had amazing parenting. : )


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