A year ago today | Bangladesh

A year ago today, Travis and I stood in our living room in front of seven friends and united forever in a quick civil ceremony. We did so to avoid the Mexican bureaucracy of our May wedding, and as such have kept much of it on the down low. While we do officially use May 16 as our official wedding date, I have fond memories of our civil ceremony and am happy to keep track of its anniversary (much to Travis’ annoyance).

a year ago today

A year ago, if anyone would have asked where I expected to be a year down the road, I would have never guessed Bangladesh. Back then, we never even thought of going there – especially not Chittagong, a place I had never even heard of.

But here we are. A city that doesn’t have too much to offer, with the #1 restaurant (according to TripAdvisor) being Pizza Hut. That’s right. And I have to say: I was really tempted to go there an indulge in hopefully a new flavour profile: Western food. Cheese. Yum.

Instead we settled on a great little restaurant close to our hotel, which serves the best mutton curry in the country yet. The place isn’t nice or fancy by any means – it’s like any other hole-in-the-wall, dirty restaurant of this country. But it is tasty (as they almost all are) and the service is beyond attentive. We were both looking forward to dinner.

wedding anniversary dinner

And dinner went great, until…

I started to get itchy. Real itchy. And there is only one itch that I know that itches like that: bed bugs. Thankfully it happened near the end of dinner, but the itch was relentless. It felt as though I just kept being bitten, and every time that I reached down to scratch my leg I felt that it was swelling up more and more. I was panicking. I wanted out. Travis payed the bill and we walked home as fast as possible.

As soon as we got to our room I ran to the bathroom to undress. The goal: find the bug(s) and kill them, so that they 1) don’t bite me anymore and 2) don’t hand around and get into my bag. I only found one, in my sandal. That was the one responsible for the 3 bites on my foot. My leg though… that was another story.

As soon as I saw the damage, I admit that I started to bawl. There were so many bites close together that I couldn’t count how many bites that I had. The whole area was swollen, with the skin feeling tight and burning hot.

I said before that I never had taken a picture of my bites – that I didn’t want to dwell on it. Well, I changed my mind. Here is a picture of the bites on my leg that night:


And here is a picture of the bites after the swelling went away (4 days later – this picture comes from the future!) – have fun counting the number of bites!


Maybe we should have gone to Pizza Hut after all…


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2 Responses to A year ago today | Bangladesh

  1. Ginger says:

    Oh you poor baby!!!! I counted at least 30 bites!!! I’m thinking this round the wrold treck is not very romantic after all.

    I’m writing from the Mandarine Oriental in San Francisco. My friend Toni and I came to shop for furniture for the lake house. We have been very very successful. We found a store that was liquidating. Two brothers from Florence inherited it when their Grandfaterh died. California inheritance tax is 47% on the whole inventory. They literally gave me some pieces of furniture, and others at rediculously low prices. Plus my being from out of state-No sales tax. And they are delivering everything FREE!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I must roll my room service cart out into the hallway now, then decide if I’ll look out the window on the right at the Oakland Bay Bridge or the window on the left at the Trans American Tower (only 3 blocks away), or the Coit Tower, oh, or maybe I’ll just watch the fog roll in on the Golden Gate Bridge. Being on the 45th floor and the fact that the room comes with its own pair of binoculars (a first for me) perhaps I’ll gaze at Sausalito while sipping my Fog Dog Chard in a very very thin glass. 🙂
    This is my idea of a Rathert roughing it.

    I love you both too !uch~it makes missing you so painful I ache!
    xoxoxox g


    • Magalie says:

      You know, just wait until I post about our boat ride across the Bay of Bangal. The Mandarin Oriental felt very, very far away then. For sure, we have very difficult, challenging moments on this trip, but things can’t always be easy. It helps us grow and find strenghts we didn’t know we had. I also think thaty it’s making us a stronger couple… hopefully our hardship will remain simple things like our dislike of bugs…

      Missing you too!


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