Random photos | Thailand

Here are some photos taken around our hostel and neighborhood… we’re not doing much aside from waiting!

From the iPod:

work work work
thai coke

From the DSLR:

our room
hostel's patio
patio view - 2
patio view - 1
patio view - 3
local traffic

And a story:

On my first trip around Asia, I saw something pretty interesting in Laos:

This image of Al Pacino in Serpico was everywhere in Laos, and as much as I tried I never understood why. He seemed especially popular with bus drivers. Fast-forward to 2010-11, and this image is now also everywhere in Thailand.

Well, tonight on our way home we were sitting in a cab and a mobile sticker seller pulled up between us. Travis tried to stop him to buy a sticker of the infamous Al Pacino, but the seller pedaled away as we were in an awkward spot on the road. Travis jumped out of the cab and ran after him: picture a busy intersection, and Travis running down the road in flip flops and onto an overpass ramp. I paid the cab driver and waited and waited… eventually Travis returned triumphant with his stickers. Apparently the sticker driver thought that Al Pacino was Che Guevara – I wonder if everyone here thinks the same way, which would explain the popularity?

Anyhow, here is Travis with his sticker!

PS. He tells the story way better.


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