Update | Thailand

So, what have we been up to since Chinese New Year? Well, to be honest, not a whole lot. In fact, we have pretty much been doing nothing our whole time in Bangkok. When Ginger was here, our main activities consisted of hanging out with her, and working away on blog posts and at editing photos. Oh, and eating great food. Since she’s left, it’s mostly been reading, blog posts and photos.

We have been in Bangkok 20 days now. We are here to work on our visas, that’s all. Yes, there are many things to check out around Bangkok and Thailand. We could be doing day trips and sightseeing. We could be at the beach. But honestly, I’ve been to Bangkok enough times now to say that I just don’t care. It’s really not my favourite city, and I prefer to be spending time catching up on the past rather than adding to my workload. I know that this may seem like a sacrilege to everyone back home, but such is our current situation. We could leave the city, but the pretty places are expensive, and we might need to be back in town at a moment’s notice. And there’s WiFi here.

It might seem like we are not making the most of what we have, but I feel that I am. I have been very productive, and I feel very good about it. Comfortable because we have a good room, and I know that Bangladesh will be very different… I’m enjoying my luxuries while I have them. We certainly have been making the most of the hostel.

Highlights of the past few days have been: wondering around town at 9 AM trying to find a bar showing UFC, finding a kitten, eating strawberries, and hanging out on the 6th floor patio. Working on the patio isn’t easy though, because it creates a lot of glare on the screen. My keyboard was also pooped-on by a bird – not fun. And at night, the mosquitoes come out…

phrom phong bts station
i found a kitten!
thai strawberries
making good luck charms
view from the patio

I am just here, waiting… waiting to travel again. I really hope to get an answer soon. Being in the dark can be a torturous thing…

PS. For those who do not know, we are waiting to hear back from our visa application to Iran. I really, really want to go there. And the visa needs to be picked up in the country in which it was applied for. So that’s why we’re still here!


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5 Responses to Update | Thailand

  1. Ashley says:

    How long might you have to wait?


    • Magalie says:

      Technically, we don’t know. We were told 2-10 days, then 7-10 days. I’m assuming that means business days, of course. The application goes off to a central office in Iran for processing – they are open 3 days a week (or so that’s what we understood). Assuming that it’s 3-days a week, today would be day 8. Hopefully we get an answer by day 10, because our Thai visa expires on that day… otherwise we might need to move on without it 😦


  2. Brendon James says:

    🙂 Missing you guys


  3. Jordan says:

    Hey lovelies,
    When that visa comes in and you make it over there. Be safe. It’s not fun being the only one around here who wears old man hats. We need Trav back.


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