A productive day | Thailand

Getting things done always results in the day feeling like it was a great day. Today was such a day, and I’m really happy that we got so much done. So, what did we do today? Well, here it goes!

1. We dropped off our passports at the Indian embassy – this was much faster done than expected as we didn’t even have to wait in line.

2. We managed to find a Bangladesh guide book, at 20% off! We were really happy about that, because it’s not an easy country to find.

3. We went to the travel clinic to get our anti-malaria prescription renewed. This also turned out to be easier than expected: there was no line up and always a kind stranger to lead us in the right direction. Getting our prescription required some convincing on the number of pills we’ll need, but otherwise it went great. It was reassuring that our pills came from the hospital’s pharmacy, so we can rest assure that they are not fakes (a problem we’ve had before). In all, the pills and the doctor fee cost us 450 Baht – that’s $15 in USD or CAD. I remember clearly paying well over $75 back home just to get into the travel clinic, and here all that we had to pay was $3.

at the travel clinic

4. We combined sightseeing with practicality and took a ferry ride over the Chao Praya river in order to get to Khaosan Road. On our way there we saw some beautiful temples in the sunset, including the infamous Temple of Dawn. Ironically, this temple is best viewed at sunset rather than what the name suggests. Unfortunately we missed having the huge, red sun in the picture by about 10 minutes.

on the chao praya

temple of dawn

On Khaosan road we managed to:

khaosan road

5. Trade-in our books for cash.

6. Get the India guidebook, again at 20% off (woot!).

7. Eat pizza at Ranee’s – still hands down the best pizza around.

back again!

8. Get a “fish massage”! But more on that later…

fish massage


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