To the mall | Thailand

Bangkok has some serious malls with anything and everything anyone could ever want. We decided to head to the Paragon Mall via subway (BTS) to check out movies in English as well as the large English bookstore there. Floors and floors of shopping, it’s quite the sight to see – and it’s only one of many! We also checked out the food court, which was massive and quite incredible. There was so many options and so much fresh stuff, it was hard to choose what to eat. In the end, we agreed to come back and do it all over again. Why not?

egg tart!

I couldn’t resist egg tarts, available at KFC. It may be KFC, but I remembered that their egg tarts were pretty tasty when I tried them in Hong Kong. These were just as good! Good egg tarts are so hard to come by…

Travis and I saw different movies for some “alone” time. I was surprised when they started to play the national anthem before the movie, and everyone had to stand! Other than that, it was a good movie-going experience. I was sure glad to have brought a sweater, socks and long pants. They really blast the air conditioning at the movies everywhere in Asia!


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