Back to reality | Thailand

Goodbye king-size bed. Goodbye room. Goodbye desk. Goodbye tub. Goodbye sumptuous food. Goodbye truffles. Goodbye wine. Goodbye pool. Goodbye free drinks, water, and pool-side refreshers. Goodbye breakfast buffet. Goodbye peace of mind about hotel sheets.

Today we leave the comfort of our newly accustomed luxury and return to our regular travel routine. Renewed is our constant monitoring of cost and our need to justify any larger expenses or Western food cravings.

We put our backpacks on again after 11 beautiful days and headed to our new diggs in Bangkok. Two subway rides later, we were at our hotel, in our shared room. Bunk beds. Shared washrooms. No towels. It’s hard to adjust, but I know that we’ll get back into the routine really soon. At least the place is nearly brand-new and the beds are bug-free: that makes everything easier.

Check out this video Travis made using the pictures and footage that I took during Ginger’s stay in Bangkok:


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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One Response to Back to reality | Thailand

  1. Ashley says:

    Postcard arrived today darling! was lovely to get thailand postcard..and the idea for an african wedding is not off the table, but I think it will be long after you are gone from that part of the world. We’re thinking small ceremony there March 2012 after officially getting married here Nov 4, 2011. Venue booked. xoxo


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