Going out with a bang | Thailand

Today was Ginger’s last day in Bangkok, and as all things should end, we ended things with a bang.

The day started early, with the amazing buffet breakfast at the Sukhothai (oh, how I will miss thee).

brie and gravlax

From there, Ginger and I headed to the Chatuchak market for a few purchases. We were really successful and we were back at the hotel in no time.

After a leisurely lunch by the pool and a little bit of work in the room, the three of us headed to the Spa Botanica for some pampering. Funnily enough we all got the same treatment, but as it turned out they were all slightly different. It was a really cool mix of oil and Thai massage, and it was really relaxing.

We met up at 6 PM to head to our grand finale – dinner at Vertigo, the infamous al fresco restaurant on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel. The view is simply amazing: depending on where you are standing / sitting you got a near 360 degree view of Bangkok. It’s definitively what it’s cracked up to be. We were lucky as well because we had the perfect weather up there – not too windy, not too cold and not too warm. Clouds parted to give us a great sunset and even a few stars. And at some point during dinner, we even got fireworks! We were initially weary of how the food would be, but it turned out that it held it’s own with the view. What was also very surprising was that we had the best waiter on our trip yet. Who would have known! He even took a photo of us at dinner and gave us printed copies to keep. It may not have been a great photo, but it sure was a nice touch.

river side

us three

our printed photo

We finished up the evening back at the hotel at the Zuk bar, where I indulged in a few Harvey Wallbangers (it’s always so fun to order!). We shared stories and reminisced on the great time we had over the past 10 days – we clearly tried to stretch the evening on to avoid saying goodbye. All good things must come to end end though, and we said goodbye before retreating to our room as Ginger’s flight was early in the morning.

late night cocktails

Ginger, thank you so much for everything! I had an incredible time and very much enjoyed my vacation from our vacation. See you soon in South Africa!


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One Response to Going out with a bang | Thailand

  1. Erin says:

    I stayed at Banyan Tree when I was in Bangkok! Vertigo is so fun but we kids were mostly banished to the lobby restaurant for dinners. We had so much fun anyway!!

    Glad to see you are having some luxury on your trip (and some bedbug free nights). It is your honeymoon after all!

    Miss you!


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