Dinner at Celadon | Thailand

We didn’t do much today… or at least, nothing really worth writing about! More lazing by the pool and working on the computer. We did meet though for cocktails at Zuk bar to get the evening started.

zuk bar

Next we headed to Celadon, the Sukhothai’s Thai restaurant. The restaurant itself is really beautiful mix of white and wood, windows after windows in a traditional Thai-style architecture. What is really nice as well is that the building is surrounded by a large lily pond – it makes for really nice, intimate views.

We had given ourselves enough time since bo.lan and were ready to eat Thai again. Celadon is more traditional Thai, so this was quite different from bo.lan and a lot more similar to the Thai food we are used to eating at home. We shared 3 appetizers and main courses, and all six dishes were fantastic. Everything was packed full of flavour and perfectly cooked. My favourite was the frog legs that I ordered – they were definitively the meaty-est I’ve ever had!

fried pork rinds
duck laap
chicken dumplings
chinese dumplings
fried frog legs with red curry
stir-fried pork
stir-fried beef with herbs


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