Dinner at bo.lan | Thailand

While Ginger’s job was booking the hotels, our job was to recommend places to eat. When Travis started to talk about ways to figure out good places to eat around Bangkok, I suddenly remember that I knew just the blog to go to for advise. I directed Travis to Austin Bush’s blog (previously known as RealThai), and couldn’t wait to see where we’d end up. I had been drooling over his Thai food pictures for years now, so I knew that it was going to be good.

Travis chose to bring us to bo.lan, a Thai restaurant that is decidedly Modern Thai with deep roots in Thai cooking history.

The room is stunning, draped in earthy tones. Rich rood, woven rice drying baskets, fabric-drenched ceiling – everything felt very organic. There is also a lovely patio, but you might want insect repellent for that one.


After staring at the menu for quite some time, we gave up trying to choose what to order and decided to go with the tasting menu. It was a great choice, but in doing so we also have very little idea as to what we ended up eating. Overall there was about 30 different “tastes” served, and almost everything was really, really good, or at least interesting (aside from the one desert item Ginger spat out in her napkin, shhh!, don’t tell anyone!).

The first to plates had 5 items each. The first plate consisted of drinks with fruits, and the second plate salads and appetizers. In the first plate we recognized rice whiskey and green mangoes. On the second I especially liked the laap, which is the Thai version of tartar.

dish one
dish two

Afterward we had chutneys, curries and soups. There were three soups in addition to the 4 dished pictured bellow:

dish three
dish three

After all of the zing of flavours and the bite of hot chili pepper, it was time for desert. Now, desert was also multi-course, and not everything is pictured. Some of it was not really geared towards Western palates, but some of it was fantastic. We especially liked the coconut-flavoured glutenous rice, the coconut toffee with peanuts papillottes and the sticky brown candy that tasted like pureed dates. The tea that was served alongside was also quite delightful.

 dish four and five
dish six

Needless to say we left the table rolling. The curries, soups and chutneys were portioned quite large, unlike all of the other dishes that were more like a bit or two: they could have easily been smaller and no one would have noticed. Overall though, this was an incredible dinning experience, one that we will not soon forget. If you’re in Bangkok, go!


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