New toys | Thailand

One of the main things that we wanted to get done in Bangkok was to purchase a few things to make our daily lives easier and more pleasant.

The number one item on that list was a second laptop. See, sharing a computer can be a really stressful and overall frustrating experience. We both want to use it and work, but can’t. We look at the other with envy and minutes stretch out to feel like hours when you are waiting to use it. We decided to stop torturing ourselves and to purchase a new laptop for Travis. He needs a less powerful one than the one we already have, so it made sense.

Today we went to Fortune Mall, an IT mecca, to find Travis a computer. At first the mall was more electronic parts than anything else, but as soon as we got to the 4th floor we hit the jackpot. A whole floor filled with stores selling computers, phones, pirated software and anything else anyone might need. While they had a great selection of laptops, our selected was limited by the odd fact (or incredibly amazingly cool fact, depending on your view on things) that most of the laptops were loaded with Linux or only DOS. Finally we found the perfect compromise of size vs. power vs. operating system. Funnily enough, that’s the same brand and same colour as mine (I get to say “mine” now without getting in trouble!), just a bit smaller.

On my front, I had always had a thing for the iPhone – I’m a big fan of their photo applications that you can install on there. Well, back in September when we met up with Joe in Kyoto, he explained that Apple designed the new iPod with the application capability. Ever since (thanks Joe!) I’ve been craving a new iPod. Well, having been unable to talk myself out of one, I cracked and purchased one. I’ve been playing with it and trying to figure it out… but it’s been fun!

Here’s a photo of Travis’ computer taken with my new toy!

PS. Merci maman pour le merveilleux cadeau de Noël!!!


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2 Responses to New toys | Thailand

  1. Erin says:

    Is that a Hipstamatic photo by any chance?!

    You’ll get to have so much photo fun now!!


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