Christmas in January | Thailand

Travis’ mom, Ginger, arrived in Bangkok this morning. At 12:45 AM, we were filled with excitement as the phone rang and she was finally checked-in to her room.

We walked down the hallway to her room and after a big hug, she started to hand out our “happies”. A “happy” is a Rathert tradition: it’s a gift that basically means “I thought of you when I saw this and thought that it would make you happy”. Usually, it’s something small and quite affordable. This time, our happy was our shopping wish list, emailed a few days back with pleas of non-salty toothpaste and painkillers that aren’t fakes. Every item, once seen, was greeted an exclamation mark. Zipploc bags! Toothbrushes! And so on. Who knew that you could get so excited from what we usually think is so little?


I was also able to finally get my cards (having been denied entry into the US, I couldn’t get them as planned) and give Travis his own set as a Christmas present. My little cards have my photos on one side (all of them different) and my contact details on the back. Travis’ card sport classic travel quotes, to get people thinking. I was really excited to finally get them, and was pleased with how well they turned out. Giving out my contact info will be much easier and classier now!

my cards

Ginger ordered room service and we caught up over glasses of Chardonnay until the wee hours of the morning. It’s sooooo nice to have her here!


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