The Mandarin Oriental | Thailand

Our first night in Bangkok was easily redeemed by our first full day. Walking with our bags towards the cabs waiting off Khaosan Road, I was giddy like a 12 year old girl. There was something incredibly thrilling about being where we were, dressed as we were, still dirty from the road, asking a cabby to take us to the infamous Mandarin Oriental. The pinnacle of luxury and opulence. Us! We would have never expected that our travel plans would have taken us there, but thanks to Travis’ mom who we were meeting there later that day, it was.

We finally found a taxi who knew where the hotel was (absolutely shocking to me that someone driving a cab in this city wouldn’t know) and willing to use the meter. We hopped on and I smiled the whole way. When we finally pulled up, it was just surreal. Porters in old-style safari hats and fancy silk pants. Orchids everywhere. It was weird to not carry our backpack in… check in was even done in our room!


The room – oh, the room! There couldn’t be a bigger night and day difference than with last night. I can’t even describe it, it’s just too beautiful. It’s an understated luxury – comfortable and not flashy. The bathroom is incredible, with a large tub (a tub!) and a shower with pressure and hot water. As you can see, we’re easily impressed, but don’t be fooled! This room really is fantastic.

How fantastic? Well, it has a great view of the Chao Phraya river. We can watch the tug boats, ferries and tourist boats float on by. It has a huge, comfortable bed. It has a doorbell. It has a special button that we can push to call our butler. That’s right, the butler! The orchid plants are real. It has secret compartments for cables and shoes. The room is so big, it easily would hold last night’s room at least 3 times over. It might be just slightly smaller than our Vancouver apartment…

our room
the bathroom

butler button

And the desk. My desk! I never dreamed that I was going to be spending my days working on photos, the blog and researching our upcoming destinations at such a fine desk. It’s not just that it’s handsome, large and comfortable. It’s also that it’s perfectly located, just so. From my chair, I can see the whole room, pretty much all the way to the front door. And I have a magnificent view of the river. There was a moment this evening, when I was uploading pictures, drinking a Chilean Chardonnay looking over at the sun setting over the river where I nearly had to pinch myself.

my new work desk

welcome drink

We enjoyed a late lunch on the terrace, overlooking the river. I finally got to have the gazpacho I had been craving for months – yum! And tonight we ordered room service, because we could and because it was so far removed from what we’ve been doing over the last 144 days.

drinks and bread
his and hers
room service

Travis’ mom arrives later tonight – we can’t wait to meet up with her and enjoy more of this fantastic place with family!

PS. Check out Travis’ “before and after” video of our rooms!


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