RIP yellow hoodie

Over 5 years ago I was getting ready for my first “World Tour”, and I needed some clothes. I purchased a yellow hoodie to keep me warm and brighten my day. I purchased it from American Apparel, because at the time I was in the clothing industry and I had a serious crush on their incredible, respectable philosophy and business practices (still do). I thought, “why go through the world wearing clothing made from underpaid locals“? I just didn’t want to parade around town and wear something that a local lady made in a sweatshop, and walk by her wearing it… Trust me, it made more sense at the time.

Since then, my yellow hoodie has always been dear to me and hardly ever left my side. It was a special hoodie: it’s been with me to 17 countries! It’s been through the good and the bad, the cool and the coldest. It has also served as a pillow, a blanket, a cushion… it was a great purchase.

It’s with sadness that I realized today, in my hotel room in Luang Prabang, that it was gone. Simply put: I forgot it on the bus from Phonsavan. It feels a shame that something that has been with me for so long, and through so much, would simply be forgotten and left behind… on the upside I am glad that I lost my sweatshirt here, of all places. Laos is one of the poorest place around, and people around the mountains wear their clothes until they fall apart. Even though we are in a city, there are still plenty of underprivileged people around, and so I trust that this isn’t a place that would find an article of clothing and throw it away. I am confident that it will get picked up by someone, and worn religiously through the cold nights and mornings of the region. As I see it, my yellow hoodie just got a 2nd life.

Yellow hoodie, I hope that you live on to make someone else happy and warm. Best of luck!

My hoodie & me 🙂

nature goddess


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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3 Responses to RIP yellow hoodie

  1. I feel your pain Maggie. I get incredibly attached to my hoodies as well. Very positive way to look at it though:) Natasha


  2. Ginger says:

    She had a good life, and now you just have to let her go. Trust that she is in a better place. It’s time to move on with your life. These things aren’t always under our control. The loss may not have been how or where you would have liked it, but these things aren’t always left in our hands.

    Well…………that’s what garbage people have been telling me about my mother. I thought it might apply to you and Yellow Hoodie. No?
    It doesn’t work for me either. 🙂 Sometimes a little gallows humor does help though.


    • Magalie says:

      Ginger, you crack me up! That is a whole lot of bull, I’m sorry that people would try that kind of platitude on you! But they are both in better places, let’s trust that it’s true!


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