Into Vinh | Vietnam

Vinh isn’t really a nice city, and there is no reason to go there other than to head into Laos. As distances are quite long, we would have to do the journey into two parts: a trip into Vinh, and then a trip into Laos.

We left Ninh Binh midday and took the train into Vinh. It was a hard seat train, but it wasn’t full ans so it wasn’t bad. The scenery along the way was also quite lovely; it made for a nice train journey.

Ninh Binh to Vinh

We arrived in Vinh and had no idea where we were or where to head to. We realized that the bus station was quite a walk away from the train station and no one understood what we were doing here nor where we were trying to go. The place we were meant to go to in order to sort out our bus ticket for Laos no longer existed. Eventually we figured things out, and found the bus station and a pretty good hotel nearby. After settling in, we tried to purchase our bus tickets for the next morning but found it impossible to do so. We were given a vague idea as to when the bus for Phonsavan (Laos) was leaving, and that was that.

We ate dinner in a dodgy restaurant that turned out to be pretty tasty. We then filled up on provisions and went to bed early: tomorrow was going to be a long day.


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