Back for more | Vietnam

We enjoyed our meal at Quan An Ngon so much that we went back for more. We went for an early lunch before heading South to our next destination. We were able to get a table quickly and find room for our bags – quite the achievement! We ordered less food this time, but it was still quite a lot. Since I really liked the photos I took the first time around, I only photographed dishes that we hadn’t tried last time. On top of crab nem and banh xeo, we had: fried meatballs, frog legs, clams, and goose soup. We also ordered desert: bananas steamed in coconut milk.

After lunch we got into a cab and headed for the bus station. We found the next bus leaving for Ninh Binh and were soon on our way. Ninh Binh isn’t that far from Hanoi, but for some reason our bus was a sleeper bus. We were pretty uncomfortable lying in the back and were quite happy when we arrived.

We had no idea where to get dropped off in town, and neither did the bus driver. Somehow there isn’t a bus terminal, but through random luck we got off at just the right place, two blocks from the hotel we were heading to. It all worked out really well, and we got a great little room with a balcony overlooking part of the city.

Can’t wait for sightseeing tomorrow!

hotel view


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