Back into Hanoi | Vietnam

After a great time in Sapa we are back in the madness of Hanoi. On our last day we didn’t do much in Sapa, mostly hung out all day until it was time to hop on a minibus and head back to the train station. The train itself turned out to be quite the mess though: we had tickets and everything, but they gave our beds away to some tour group. We learned this after waiting well over 30 minutes, but at least were put in somewhat comparable accommodations for our ride back into the city.

Our train arrived very early in Hanoi – 4 AM to be exact. At that time nothing is open, and all of the taxis outside of the station are just waiting to rip you off. With this in mind, we decided to wait a while in the train station’s waiting area. It was freezing, and we tried to doze off a bit, but it didn’t work. We took advantage of where we were to ask questions about a train ticket for our next destination, Ninh Binh. Eventually the dodgy taxis all left and the sun came up and we decided to head to a hotel. We picked one out of the guide, and got a taxi to take us there. Still frozen to the bone, we took a bath in an inch or two of hot water and promptly went to bed.

The rest of the day was a wash – we visited a temple nearby and just hung out. We did end up eating in a really cute restaurant set inside a very old house, but sorry, no photos of that.

fun offerings


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