Christmas day | Vietnam

For Christmas day we took respite from the outdoors and instead spent a lazy day in our room, catching up on photo editing (me), movies and life in general. Added encouragement to our day “off” was sore muscles from the two hikes we had done the days before (you’d think I’d be in better shape by now) and catching up with our families. It was really wonderful to get to talk and chat with everyone. Skype is a wonderful thing; I can’t believe that I had never used it before!

Our big venture out was for dinner. It was eerily quiet, cloudy, rainy and the power kept going out. Most restaurants here had set Christmas menus, but for some reason they took them down after the 24th. Still, we were able to get the set that had caught our attention the most. Unfortunately it turned out to be one of our most expensive meal but not one of our better meal. Our set menu consisted of the following:

+ A glass of warm wine: they really meant mulled wine, and it has to be the best way to drink the local wine – pretty good.
+ Potato soup with bacon: under seasoned but tasty.
+ Curried salmon “cannelloni”: made with fresh rice paper instead of pasta – not too bad.
+ Steak with vegetables and mashed potatoes: a bit tough, a bit cold, pretty small.
+ Fish with vermicelli noodles: mystery fish, not bad but a bit tough and mysterious.
+ Duo of crème bruléee: pretty good, but the lemongrass one was chunky, which was not ideal.

potato and bacon soup & curried salmon cannelloni
steak & mystery fish
crème brûlée duo

After dinner it was back to the room for more Skyping and a nice fire… turned out that the fire was a little out of control, but it was very efficient at warming up the room!

skyping home

In all it was a pretty good Christmas – I think that we did well! And the surprise bottle of Australian wine Travis got from the store was a nice treat!

Ps. Forgive my crappy white balance on the food shots…


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2 Responses to Christmas day | Vietnam

  1. Loving the posts and seeing what we have to look forward to. We are so excited that we can get a room with a fireplace in Sapa! What an amazing way to spend Christmas. We ended up having dinner in HCMC with Tara and Tyler. Missed you guys 😦 Happy Holidays to you both. Natasha and Pete


    • Magalie says:

      We were staying at the Mountain View hotel – quite in the center of everything. The room was a bit humid but the two walls of window, the balcony, the fireplace and included breakfast sealed the deal! It was “expensive” though…

      I saw that you guys met up with them through their photos – so jealous!


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