Temples and markets | Vietnam

On of the problem with our bus ride into Hanoi is that was arrived in Hanoi very early. In fact, we arrived so early that by the time we got to the part of town we wanted to be in, nothing was open. It was cold outside, maybe around 7C and we were not dressed for it. Waiting until at least a coffee shop would open, we spent some time exploring a tiny temple across the street from the coffee shop.

By 7 AM we were finally able to get inside the coffee shop and warm ourselves up. Travis went to look for a room, and randomly booked us into the same hotel I had stayed at last time.

We took a quick snooze and then went back out to organize a few things for our next adventures. We booked our train for Sapa and our boat for Ha Long Bay. While we were walking around, we discovered a tiny market crammed into a skinny alley. With women selling their goods along one wall and motorcycles trying to use the alley along with shoppers, it was an interesting adventure.

flower seller

bunnies and pigeons
market scenes
seafood and worms


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