Cycling the countryside of Hoi An | Vietnam

Hoi An may have a fantastic old town, but it also has a lovely beach. It is a bit far away though, and so we decided to rent bicycles and cycle there. We took a little detour through some rice paddies, and on the way back, through tiny fishing hamlets. We even met “Lucky Luna”, a beach vendor who was very nice and through telling us her life story, left us with no choice but to buy a deck of cards from her. It was a great day!


my ride for the day

collecting dried fish

Back into town, we went back out after sunset for dinner. We chose a traditional Vietnamese restaurant to try some of local culinary specialties of Hoi An. Some of it was good, some not so much. Two of the dishes used the local well water (the well being over 100 year old) – it didn’t make us sick, but it made the food taste really unpleasant.

banana flower, pork and mint salad
pork, noodles, wonton and herb salad
all gone!
fried yellow noodles with vegetables
beef in peanut sauce - make your own rolls


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One Response to Cycling the countryside of Hoi An | Vietnam

  1. Jill says:

    Do I see cao lau? (I think that’s how you spell it!) We loved that.

    So jealous you got to ride bikes and see the beach. We wanted to do that so badly but the weather was just too wet!


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