The old city of Hoi An | Vietnam

The World Heritage city of Hoi An is really one of my favourite cities. It’s so adorable, cute and yellow that it’s hard to resist falling in love with it. Old buildings, good food, traditional boats with eyes on the river, colourful lanterns – and loads of tailor-made anything you want.

silk lanterns
tailor-made shoes
on the river front

Travis and I decided to go for a little boat ride on the river, to get a different view of the city.

view of the old town

rower #1
rower #2

Our two boat ladies dropped us off on the “island” opposite the old city, and we went for a wander. Even though it’s not even 5 minutes walk from town, it felt like a different, more humble world. Fishermen boats and nets, simple houses. People actually seemed amused to see us, as though we were a rarity. Women kept pointing out babies at us while giggling, so that I would take a photo. It was very different than the Vietnam we normally see.

A drunk fisherman invited us over for a drink. We sat on his front yard and he offered us food (lettuce, slightly cooked shrimps and raw rice paper) and would not stop pouring strong rice wine. I tried the “I won’t finish my cup trick”, but it was lost on him. I had to keep drinking and drinking, until the bottle was empty and we were finally able to go. Did I mention that he did not speak any English, and we speak no Vietnamese? It was weird, but such generosity warmed my heart.

fisherman family

our host
sleeping time

We ate lunch at a little food stall and then took the bridge back into town. We walked and walked and walked, trying to take it all in.

hair washing

making souvenirs
animal-shaped flutes
apple lady


over the years
yellow suite - 1
yellow suite - 2

For dinner we picked a place that had cheap bia hoa (fresh beer) and local specialties. Perhaps the beer wasn’t the freshest though… we had killer headaches the next day.

bia hoi

We then walked some more, to see the city under glowing lights of colourful lanterns.

silk lanterns at night
old town at night
the japanese bridge


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