Into Nha Thrang | Vietnam

We left the mountains and the cold weather of Dalat behind and headed to Nha Trang. Nha Trang is by far the most popular beach town of Vietnam, and is quite the party town. It has very little in common to the quiet Mui Né.

Our driver took a different route to get down from the mountains, but it was by no means any better than the first road. Tons of switchbacks, waterfalls, cliff sides… and crazy cyclists digging deep to reach the top. Our bus made an unexpected stop by the side of a river – it was quite a lovely little spot.

rest stop

In Nha Trang we ate lunch and Travis went on a hotel finding mission. He did real good: 9th floor with balcony overlooking the city and ocean, air con, a mini fridge, a queen-size bed, a TV, WiFi, a bathtub and breakfast included… all for peanuts.

hotel view

That night we ate tasty burgers while a rat kept poking his head into the courtyard we were at, all while I pretended that I had no idea that it was there.


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