Dalat | Vietnam

Many come here to explore the highlands, but having been to Sapa before, and heading there later this month, we couldn’t see the point. Our intention at first was to rent bicycles and explore the area, but it just looked to hilly for me. Instead, we ended up just walking around the city. This is how I got to find one of my favourite spot and most hated spot of Vietnam.

The good: I love markets. I just do. I had no big expectations when we headed to the central market, and it didn’t look like much at first. As we walked around though, and explored the numerous floors and alleys, it soon became apparent that this was no regular market. The place is huge and just overflows with some of the nicest produce I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to explain, but it seemed as though this market had everything you could ever want to cook the most amazing meal. Everything looked fresh, crisp, bursting with flavours. Exotic herbs, fruits, dried or candied fruits, French essentials, livestock, heirloom eggs – it was just incredible. So much so that we went back twice on the same day! I think that the pictures speak for themselves.

banana business is a serious business
crazy for bananas
peel me a grape



shrimp nap
the great escape
for sale


The bad: One of the main sights in Dalat is the Hang Nga “Crazy House”, and Travis wanted to go see it. The place was gaudy, tacky and made me feel uncomfortable the whole time. I just wanted to get out of the ASAP, and really didn’t enjoy any of it. The house also serves as an hotel – the room being themed and “crazy” (read: ugly, dirty and ridiculously expensive). There were rats scrambling around the grounds. Yuck.

not your typical architecture

Here are other shots of Dalat, a lovely city but not my favourite of Vietnam.


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2 Responses to Dalat | Vietnam

  1. Natasha says:

    I love looking at your site to see what is ahead of us and it all looks pretty amazing.We did the Mekong trip and loved it, although my battery died when we were traveling through the narrower canals. I missed so many photos:( Your market pictures are beautiful. I love how you group them together. They are fast becoming one of my favorite places to photograph too. Miss you guys as well. Hope you continue to have safe and happy travels. Natasha


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